Welcome to class 3.0

Facilitators & teachers. Facilitators guide the knowledge sharing process.
Open space vs classrooms. Students sit in circles in open spaces, enabling maximised interactions and caring atmosphere
Method vs course presentations. The content of the program is co-created by the students led by a sharing method.



Why now ?


Internet has empowered students of this generation to learn and share with each other about topics they care. They are expecting similar experience inside classrooms. Peer learning is a solution responding to these changes in the learning environment.


How do we work ?

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Our sessions are inserted before, during or at the end of a course.


We deploy an orientation program that brings together students from all programs.


What knowledge do students have?

WAP has helped more than 500 students to share their knowledge


David Mougua : Finance - Startup valuation method I love to use

Quentin Paillet : Finance - How to avoid conflict of interest in credit rating system

Floriane Espejo : Strategy - 10 types of innovation I learnt from Deloitte Innovation Department

Arnaud Le Sergent : HR - How to motivate my team without salary? (Former president of Petit Paumé)

Yiyin Wang : Entrepreneurship - How I turn my fun into a profitable business

Shuang Song : Social Entrepreneurship - B-corp, when social impact drives performance

... ...

Example of deployment in a business school


What do our students say ?

“I was very surprised to see how much you can learn about yourself and others in such a short time period ! During all the WAP session, I felt very proud, of my peers and myself."


“The power of sharing and learning at WAP is much stronger beyond my imagination. It makes me think, gives me motivation, and also gives me the opportunity to help.”



Example of a methodology kit

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