Peer learning management system

WAP has designed the first "peer learning management system" to enable organisations to manage, lead sessions of sharing and collaborative production of knowledge. The features are as follows:


Use the right communication to engage your participants even before the session starts


  • Launch the program with enthusiasm and generate high commitment

  • Basics of pedagogy and vision

  • Use emails templates (Invitation, confirmation, reminder, Q & A, comments, recruitment of facilitators)

Bring a group of 10 - 150 to go through the method step by step, keep the rhythm all the time. Everyone visualizes the same stage, reacts and discovers the group's knowledge in real time.

ANIMATION of sessions

  • Access to a live feed of votable answers +/-

  • Create affinity groups through participants match by tags, theme, content of answers, automatically or manually

  • Collaborative edition of group documents

  • Attach and preview links, videos and images, files

Artboard (3).png

Control the learning result. Get better at your facilitation every time.


  • Administrator interface to create and manage sessions

  • Export posts, tutorials, and groups

  • Access to statistics and feedbacks 




The contents created during physical sessions can be found later, enriched, questioned.


Content created by users

  • editable by all from a single link

  • Possible integration on the LMS (learning management system) of the company

  • Exportable on company social networks


You are in good hands with our facilitator community.

ACCESS TO A Community of Facilitators

More than 15 experienced facilitators for

  • Exchange tips and practices

  • Co-lead sessions when you need them

  • To meet and exchange every month